Klinker Dinker Log Grabber

Klinker Dinker is the ULTIMATE in Fire Tending.
Manufacturer: Klinker Dinker
Manufacturer part number: Klinker Dinker

Klinker Dinker is the ULTIMATE in Fire Tending.

For Wood burning Stoves & Outdoor Fireplaces.

Designed to cradle firewood. Less effort than conventional tongs.

The Klinker Dinker is a specially engineered American Made product that will provide years of fire tending enjoyment. The Klinker Dinker has movable parts that grips a log and allows placement into a fire from a distance.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Let's you easily position the logs in your fire pit or wood burning stove.
  • Re-arrange a fire that is smoldering and smoking allowing air to get to the fire so it will burn hotter with less smoke.
  • Allows you to control the heat during campfire cooking so you minimize flame-ups and cool spots.
  • Great for use in camping, RV'ing, or at your summer house.
  • Fire Pit Style is 42" or 32" long.